reasons for a tutorial deletion

Adding a station to itunes radio based on artist

Reasons for an Rdio tutorial deletion and why I’ll be doing various other Tutorials in the future

The reasons why I deleted an Rdio tutorial are because Rdio was acquired by Pandora, and I made a tutorial on how to import Rdio stations to Pandora when Rdio shuts down.  Sometimes, when an internet radio service like Rdio is acquired by somebody like Pandora Radio or when a music site like Grooveshark is shut down because of copyright infringement your site needs to adapt to such changes.  In the future, I’ll be showing you how to create Pandora Stations, register for a or account if I send you an invitation and depending on what type of car I get, how to pair your phone to said car system and how to link accounts such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, Slacker, and FaceBook Places.

Also I’ll be showing you how to turn your car into a rolling night club and make it give you a back massage using speed sensitive volume and 0 bass. I might also do some Apple Music tutorials, like saving music content to your library.

Those are my reasons why I deleted an Rdio tutorial.


Reason why I deleted the orginal grooveshark tutorials and why I won't bring them back in the future

Embed Youtube videos in your wordpress blog using the old method

I have some unpleasant news for all you fans of the original grooveshark.  Earlier probably this month or last I was looking through my social email I get from gmail and one of the emails I get from lifehacker says something to the effect of “Grooveshark shuts it’s doors” then I go to the announcement for a reason why the original grooveshark closed it’s doors and get this they were not cleared to use any music from the respective copyright owners.  Which is probably why I won’t bring back grooveshark tutorials unless grooveshark really plays by the copyright rules before getting sued again.