Embed Youtube videos in your wordpress blog using the old method

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Embed Intro

Have you ever watched a few youtube videos you really liked recently and wanted to show said videos to the world on your blog? In this tutorial I’ll show you how to embed youtube videos the old-fashioned way, then using three plugins: Smart Youtube Pro Youtube Player Plus and video analytics. House Cleaning If you look on the sidebar you’ll see a Paypal donation button: , if you donate to the purpose stated above the button I would greatly appreciate the help. Also if you want me to recommend a shared host for you I’d go with because if you want to upgrade to VPS/Dedicated hosting they’ll have your personal server ready in a jiffy. If you want to request a tech tutorial go http://community.mytutorialpodcast.com sign up to be a contributor to the community and a participant in the forum, in the bottom of the content sidebar you’ll see two recent topics , click the topmost topic and just leave a reply with your tech tutorial request, also while you’re over at the community in other words leave me a generous tip and I’ll keep going with these tutorials. One last thing (little Apple humor), if you see ads like and and in posts, those offer you a chance to go shopping on amazon.com through me, that’s right folks I’m an amazon associate. Enough of this on with the tutorial.

Embed Requirements


• need to know how to copy and paste what are know as iFrames.

◦ a youtube account

◦ and

Embed Instructions

1 select the videos you want to embed. for my examples I chose


3 to embed the videos you want to share with the world the old way click the links


5 click the button.


7 click the link. you should see


9 copy this code and paste it into your blog.


Examples from my history


Embed Conclusion

When embeding youtube videos the old fashioned way it could be tedious but worthit. If your patient enough you can embed as many youtube videos as you want on your blog.