DVD Backup and sync to ipod/ipad

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Tutorial Requirements

a DVD of your choice like The Avengers



A mac machine

an iPod/ipad


difficulty: very straight forward

open up handbrake select the file you created previously and select the device to convert for.

Click convert and just go get something to drink.

Once your dvd is done converting to the specified apple devices file format, open up itunes and add the newly converted video file to your library.

to sync the video as a TV show you’ll have to change it’s media kind to TV show, but if you’re syncing a movie leave it as a movie.

To sync the TV show/movie you backed up simply connect your ipod/ipad to your mac and itunes will go though the steps of syncing your ipod/ipad from prepping it for syncing to actually syncing it

There you have it your very own DVD backup and ipod/ipad syncing system.

This tutorial is for dvd backup and syncing to your apple device for later personal use

  1. Insert a DVD you want to backup and sync to your ipod/ipad

    What you’ll want to do is insert a DVD you want to backup and sync for later viewing on your ipod/ipad

  2. Open up MakeMKV open the source disk select the title to backup and start the backup

    Now this is where it gets fun, you’ll need to open up MakeMKV from there

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