Create smart playlists to differentiate between Apple Music and iTunes Match music

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My tutorial comes from Create Smart Playlists to find which of your songs are Apple Music, in the cloud, and more only my tutorial uses a more step-by-step approach.


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Ever wonder where your music gets stored whether you’re subscribed to iTunes match or apple music?  If you’re subscribed to iTunes match, it will attempt to match all the songs you currently own with songs available on the iTunes Store, the rest are uploaded to your iCloud music library the original songs stay where they are.  The same goes for Apple Music except for the songs you own are matched with songs in the Apple Music library, the only caveat with having just Apple music once you download those songs which you add to your library a little thing called DRM(digital rights management) is added so you don’t willy-nilly run off and use the songs.  To differentiate between the two I’m going to show you how to create smart playlists for iTunes match and Apple music respectively.

Tutorial Requirements

    • Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.09.49-PM.png


    • an Apple music/iTunes match subscription


  • the ability to create smart playlists like Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.18.44-PM.png and Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.18.54-PM.png.


To make a smart playlist for Apple music:

    1. click on Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.18.30-PM.png and select new smart playlist.


    1. make the first condition Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.19.21-PM.png.


    1. click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.19.53-PM.png and make the other condition Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.19.36-PM.png.


  1. Click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.20.09-PM.png and you should get something like Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.09.49-PM.png

To make a smart playlist for iTunes match:

    1. click on Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.18.30-PM.pngand select new smart playlist.


    1. make the first condition Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.22.22-PM.png.


    1. hit the option key until you get … click that and make the nested condition Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.23.29-PM.png.


    1. Set the first nested condition to Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.23.42-PM.png.


    1. click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.24.01-PM.png and set the second nested condition to Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.24.34-PM.png.


    1. click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.24.52-PM.png again and set the last nested condition to Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.25.03-PM.png.


  1. click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.25.19-PM.png and you should get something like Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.25.32-PM.png.


There you have it two smart playlists to differentiate between iTunes match and Apple music, and (going off on a tangent here) whether or not you’re subscribed to either iTunes match or Apple music or both I found out they actually work together even though they’re separate services.

Create a smart playlist based on purchased music

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If you want to create smart playlists to differentiate between Apple music and iTunes match, check out this tutorial

Podcast Intro

Ever wanted to play music you personally purchased in it’s own playlist with no other media?  In this tutorial I’ll show you just that.

Tutorial Requirements

    • iTunes


    • some purchased music



    1. Click on the plus sign PlusSign to bring up a context menu.


    1. Select new Smart Playlist.


    1. Set your first rule to PurchasedOption isTrue.


    1. Click the plus button plusSign1 to add another rule.


    1. repeat steps 3-4 formediaKindIsNotMovie, mediaKindIsNotBook, mediaKindIsNotTVShow, and mediaKindIsNotAudioBook.


    1. Accept defaults forCapture.


    1. Click OK.


    1. Rename your playlist to PurchasedSongs.



There you have it. You now have a smart playlist just for purchased music which will update with every song you purchase.