How to set someone up on Scare Tactics via FaceBook

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Ever get the idea that you’ve been pranked alot but you can’t seem to get back at the person by pranking them yourself? Well there’s hope for you yet. in this tutorial I’ll show you my secret weapon for scaring your friends and family on Scare Tactics just by making a simple post on the Scare Tactics Facebook page.On this show the scaring is done by pros do not I repeat do not copy them.


The only things you’ll need are:

  1. Facebook Profile PictureA Facebook account
  2. Scare Tactics Cover PhotoLike Buttonand a like to the Scare Tactics Facebook page


  1. If you don’t have a Facebook Profile sign up for one but if you have a Facebook profile login to it.
  2. Like the Scare Tactics Facebook page. You have to do this in order to set someone up on the show that’s in your Facebook Friends list.
  3. Wait for the magic question “If you signed your friends up to be on Scare Tactics, what kind of prank would you play on them?”.
  4. Choose a friend you wanna to see get the ever living daylights scared out of them. Say for the purposes of this tutorial I picked either Kelsey BlackKelsey Black, Shannon McGrathShannon McGrath, Katelyn BurgessKatelyn Burgess or Derek Jamal BertaDerek Jamal Berta they’d be scared of learning that I set them up on Scare Tactics.
  5. Post the name of your friend on the Scare Tactics Facebook page.

And there you have it you have set someone up on Scare Tactics via Facebook. Remember to do this only if you need a little help of the scary kind to lay prankish vengeance on those who have pranked you a lot in the past.

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Here are some pranks to make you laugh.

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