Create a smart playlist based on purchased music

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If you want to create smart playlists to differentiate between Apple music and iTunes match, check out this tutorial

Podcast Intro

Ever wanted to play music you personally purchased in it’s own playlist with no other media?  In this tutorial I’ll show you just that.

Tutorial Requirements

    • iTunes


    • some purchased music



    1. Click on the plus sign PlusSign to bring up a context menu.


    1. Select new Smart Playlist.


    1. Set your first rule to PurchasedOption isTrue.


    1. Click the plus button plusSign1 to add another rule.


    1. repeat steps 3-4 formediaKindIsNotMovie, mediaKindIsNotBook, mediaKindIsNotTVShow, and mediaKindIsNotAudioBook.


    1. Accept defaults forCapture.


    1. Click OK.


    1. Rename your playlist to PurchasedSongs.



There you have it. You now have a smart playlist just for purchased music which will update with every song you purchase.