All Coasters at SeaWorld Orlando + On Ride POVs – Front Seat Media


All Coasters at SeaWorld Orlando + On Ride POVs – Front Seat Media

All roller coasters, thrill rides & on-ride POV’s at SeaWorld Orlando theme park in Orlando, Florida USA with musical samples from the world famous Knoebels Grand Carousel pipe organ. Go ride classic coasters Mako, Kraken, Manta and Journey To Atlantis — while anxiously awaiting the grand opening of Ice Breaker some day.
Have a great day at Sea World Orlando !
All POV’s and video footage created by Front Seat Media.
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00:00 A Fun Day at SeaWorld Orlando
01:39 Mako
04:27 Kraken
08:29 Manta
12:09 Journey To Atlantis
20:16 Mako Back Row
23:55 Kraken Back Seat
28:06 Manta Back Row
32:24 Super Grover’s Box Car Derby
33:34 Antarctica: Empire Of The Penguin
39:26 Mako Rider Cam
42:05 Kraken Rider Cam
45:24 Manta Front 60fps
49:00 Mako Front 60fps
51:46 Kraken Front 60fps
55:30 Mako 4K Front
58:09 Kraken 4K Front
01:01:27 Mako 4K Back
01:04:04 Kraken 4K Back
01:07:13 Mako Superview 4K
01:09:56 Mako 4k Superview
01:12:19 Thank You!

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