How to login to spotify using Facebook

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Ever wanted to stream your music directly on your computer? Well have I got a music streaming client for you. I was introduced to this client when some roommates of mine were listening to playlists created with this client. It’s called Spotify and if you’re new to this piece of software don’t worry I’ll provide several tutorials for spotify. I’ll teach how to login to spotify, create a playlist, listen to that playlist, and share that playlist using playbutton on Facebook and the web in general.

but in this tutorial we’re going to start out simple. I’m going to teach you how to login to and install spotify.


  1. proxy? content%2Fuploads%2F2012%2F10%2FFacebook Profile PictureAn account with Facebook
  2. and the Spotify music streaming client

Tutorial Content

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Login to Facebook so you can login to Spotify
  2. login to Spotify and download the installer and double click said installer and follow the onscreen instructions to install it to your computer according to your needs.


There you have it. You have logged into Spotify using Facebook and installed it to your computer. With my help you’ll be getting around Spotify in no time at all. In the next several tutorials I’ll teach you how to create and add music to a spotify playlist, how to listen to said playlist, how to sync any offline tracks you might have in said playlist, and how to share said playlist with the world and on FaceBook.