How to use Imessage on the iphone

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Have you ever wanted to use Imessage on your iphone, ipod touch or ipad but didn’t know how to turn it on?  Well in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to turn it on using the settings app on your particular device.

Tutorial Requirements

All you really need is an ios device like an iphone with the messages app and the settings app.

imessage for iphone

  1. Tap the settings apphome screen.
  2. Scroll down to the messages preference pain and tap itmessages preference.
  3. to turn iMessage on or off simply slide the on/off switch to on or offmessages settings.
  4. if you want to turn on Send Read Receipts that’s up to you.
  5. if iMessage is unavailable you can enable Send as SMS.
  6. in the Send and Receive preference you add your phone number and any email addresses that you might want to receive messages from.
  7. in the SMS/MMS settings you can enable MMS/group messaging and show the subject field and the character countsms/mms settings.
  8. Conclusion

Well there you go I’ve told you how to turn on iMessage for your particular ios device.  Now go and use it well for it will in very handy in avoiding any data charges you might incur.

DVD Backup and sync to ipod/ipad

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Tutorial Requirements

a DVD of your choice like The Avengers



A mac machine

an iPod/ipad


difficulty: very straight forward

This tutorial is for dvd backup and syncing to your apple device for later personal use

Insert a DVD you want to backup and sync to your ipod/ipad

Open up MakeMKV open the source disk select the title to backup and start the backup

open up handbrake select the file you created previously and select the device to convert for.

Click convert and just go get something to drink.

Once your dvd is done converting to the specified apple devices file format, open up itunes and add the newly converted video file to your library.

to sync the video as a TV show you’ll have to change it’s media kind to TV show, but if you’re syncing a movie leave it as a movie.

To sync the TV show/movie you backed up simply connect your ipod/ipad to your mac and itunes will go though the steps of syncing your ipod/ipad from prepping it for syncing to actually syncing it

There you have it your very own DVD backup and ipod/ipad syncing system.