How to make your own personal lipdub

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Hardware Requirements

An iPod Touch or other type of camera

A mac or Pc

Software Requirements

Imovie(ipod touch 4g), Final Cut Pro(Mac)

a youtube or facebook account

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make your own personal lipdub, whether your serenading the ladies or or impressing your friends this tutorial will help you.

Take your ipod touch choose a piece of music you want and pause it then turn on the camera app and then turn on the front facing camera.

Switch the camera app to camcorder so you can record yourself.

Hit record start walking play the music and then start lip syncing.

When you’re done stop recording and it will be saved to the Photo’s app’s camera roll.

Do one of the following:
Open the recording in Imovie on the ipod touch bring it into the timeline add the music you lip synced to then upload it to facebook or youtube

Plug your ipod touch into your mac or pc and open up Final Cut Pro or Windows Movie Maker import the recording into the event browser edit it into the timeline bring in the music you were lip syncing to and upload it to youtube or facebook.

there you have it your own personal lipdub. you can do this anytime while you’re walking to class to where ever you go in your free time.

Here are some lipdubs that will inspire you to make one for yourself to share with the world